This is the new site for the Newark Road and Eastside churches of Christ


Brian Adkins, Minister


Brian  was hired as the Minister for the Eastside Church in 2016.

Meet our ministers

We are excited to have two men serving side by side as a part of the Mount Vernon Church of Christ. Before we merged, each congregation had a full time minister serving as an evangelist. We are blessed to be able to retain both Ben and Brian! They share the preaching and teaching as well as other duties at the Mount Vernon Church of Christ 

Ben Driver, Minister


Ben was hired as the Minister for the Newark Road Church in 2015. 

About Us


Focused on Christ

We are the church of Christ.  We were saved by Jesus and we live for Him! The Church is not a building, but a group of people. We are the body of Christ. We exist to to do the work of Jesus and help people grow to become more like Him. He is our savior who died for us, our king who rules us, our shepherd who guides us, and our physician who heals us. 


Guided by Scripture

We are not a denomination with a specific set of doctrines or creeds. Instead, we are simply a body of believers seeking to live out the teaching of the New Testament. It is the Word of God that shows us how to live, worship, and serve in the name of Jesus. We seek to do everything under the authority of scripture. We strive to both teach and live out the Bible the best that we can. The Bible is God's perfect Word and we will follow it. 


Motivated by mission

Jesus came to seek and save the lost. He gave his life so that we might be saved from our sins. When He left this earth, He commanded His followers to go and make disciples. We have been given the mission of sharing the good news of Jesus with those who might not have heard the gospel. The Bible tells us that to be saved we must have faith. Faith that comes from hearing the Word of God. We must be willing to make a confession of who Christ is and we must be willing to repent. Repentance is a turning around - leaving a life lived for ourselves and instead living for Jesus. When people believe in Jesus they are baptized for the forgiveness of sins. It is at this point they are saved and added to the Lord's Church. It is this salvation that motivates us to help others make the decision to follow Jesus and encourage them to grow into greater faithfulness.


Biblical worship

We strive to follow the pattern given to us in scripture for our worship. When we  gather, we do what we see the New Testament Church doing in scripture: we pray, take the Lord's Supper every week, sing songs of praise with out the use of instruments, give as we have been blessed, and hear the Word of God preached. 


Loving others

Jesus said the greatest commands were to love the Lord, and love your neighbor as yourself. No matter who you are we love you and so does Jesus! We strive to make love a priority and try to express that in our services as well as our outreach and events. We invite you to come and experience the love of Christ and His people!